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Magnificent flame which gives life

Electronic ethanol  Burners with remote control BB-900

A New Generation of  Electronic  Ethanol Burner ("to embed") to create a cozy atmosphere  in a trendy decor. A warm flame you can install in any room, any space. An electronic  burner made for designers, interior decorators, architects, furniture manufactures etc. 

Benbao Ethanol Burner with remote control operates according to a completely innovative and unique technology in the current market. The ethanol burner and the tank are separate; the flame is in contact only with a very limited quantity of alcohol. Between the tank and the ethanol burner, a pump allows automatic completion of the burner. All is electronically managed with security sensors. You have just to press theethanol burner remote control and the flames will appear automatically without flash!  Real flames without fume, smoke or ash. An electronic burner who is odorless, ventless, an ethanol burner without constraints.  

a) Automatic ignition ordered by electrodes.and electronic extinction for this ethanol burner.

b) Remote control and ON/OFF switch.

c) Co2 Safety infrared detector which stops the fire in the event of reaching the authorized levels

d) Errors are displayed with audible alarm.

e) Electronic heat detectors.

f) A safety stainless steel bioethanol burner.

g) The flame is in contact only with a very limited quantity of alcohol.

h) No flash when the fire starts

i) Automatic electric pump of filling of the bio ethanol burner managed electronically.

j) Rechargeable battery power with detection of low battery which stops combustion.

k) Battery charger with battery loader.

l) Standard descriptive plates and markings. Complete safety and maintenance instructions.

m) A strong resistant packaging provided with standard markings

n) Output: 9000W(±3%) .

o) Width: 90 cm  Height: 15 cm   Depth: 22 cm

p) Weight : 20 kg

q) SAFETY: manufactured to meet ethanol fireplace Standard.

l)It is manufactured in accordance with standard NF D35-386(France) and CE,UL.

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